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Spam, phishing, hackers and more and more advanced types of cybercrime continue to form a realistic threat to businesses and public services. Infosecurity Denmark tackles current IT security issues and is a must for all IT professionals.

In the past years, Infosecurity events across Europe have proved to be the primary meeting place and exhibition for IT managers and IT professionals in the field of IT security. Along with the exhibition Version2 Data & Cloud Expo, Infosecurity Denmark offers market leaders, associations, speakers and all IT professionals the ability to share ideas, techniques, services and visions on current IT topics.

Infosecurity Denmark and Version2 Data & Cloud Expo 2019 entail more than 110+ seminares and cases, 25 keynotes and 80+ exhibitors. Two days with lots of professional knowledge and networking.

The programme in the eight conference theatres covers compliance, cybercrime, IoT, enterprise mobility and cloud security and will offer a unique insight into the latest IT security challenges on a high professional level. The participants want to be updated on the newest technical conquests, gain insight into current threats described by some of the best advisors in the world, and talk about their user experiences with some of Denmark’s best known security brands.


IT security management
Many IT or IT Security Officers find that the need for investment in IT and data security is greater than the resources. At the same time, the awareness of the Executive Board and the Board of Directors is increasing. How do you find the balance between placing resources in high tech for trivial security like controlling users with campaigns and a process for updates? Discuss the challenges with other IT managers at Infosecurity Denmark.

IT security tech
We constantly hear about new types of vulnerabilities and attacks. Even the largest companies become victims of cybercrime. So what can you do about it? At Infosecurity Denmark, you'll meet both other professionals and experts with whom you can discuss technology and get concrete advice. Receive the hard facts your business needs in order to decide what actions will lead to proactive security instead of constant fear.

Whether you need to switch from on-premise to cloud or you want to use the cloud as an add-on, there are many questions that arise. Should the solution be private, public or hybrid? What should - and should not - be in the cloud? How do you avoid being traped by your chosen solution? Do you need advanced features about advanced    analytics and AI? Version2 Datacenter will make you wiser about it all.

Datacenter infrastructure
If you are developing a computerized organization, reliability, availability, and scalability will be three key requirements for your data centers. Version2 Datacenter focuses on how design and automation can improve the data center's economi and performance allowing it to compete with public cloud solutions.

The Visitors

The visitors are IT professionals working on a variety of tasks such as installing applications to designing complex computer networks and information databases. Among which you'll find:

- CEO's and decision makers (IT management, manager, owner, consultant)
- Techies (administrator, programmer, IT specialist)

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