Spam, phishing, hackers and more advanced types of cybercrime continue to form a realistic threat to businesses and public services. Infosecurity Denmark tackles current IT security issues and is a must for all IT professionals.  

In the past years, Infosecurity events across Europe have proved to be the primary meeting place and exhibition for IT managers and IT professionals in the field of IT security. Along with the exhibition Version2 Data & Cloud Expo, Infosecurity Denmark offers market leaders, associations, speakers and all IT professionals the ability to share ideas, techniques, services and visions on current IT topics.

Infosecurity Denmark and Version2 Data & Cloud Expo entail more than 100+ seminars and cases, 20 keynotes and 80+ exhibitors. Two days with lots of professional knowledge and networking.

The programme in the eight conference theatres covers compliance, cybercrime, IoT, enterprise mobility and cloud security and will offer a unique insight into the latest IT security challenges on a high professional level. The participants want to be updated on the newest technical conquests, gain insight into current threats described by some of the best advisors in the world, and talk about their user experiences with some of Denmark’s best known security brands.


Cyber Security
Cyber Security, Hacking & Cyber Crime
Cyber crime is now one of the fastest rising forms of crime. In order to accurately identify potential hackers and attacks, cyber security specialists must understand, what techniques are used, and what counter-initiatives can be implemented.

Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing
Cloud computing gives access to business data and applications from anywhere at any time from any device, and at a reasonable price. The cloud gives access to new technologies and lets businesses compete at a new scale.

Datacenter & Infrastructure Optimisation
Datacenter & Infrastructure Optimisation
Data center optimization means that strategic initiatives and software solutions increase the efficiency of the data center operation. This involves re-configuring or changing data centers in order to optimize resources without reducing functionality.

Data Science & Management
Data Science & Management
Data is the new gold. The oil of a successful organization. But only having data is not enough. Businesses wanting to keep up with the digitalization of the economy must be able to analyse and manage data.

New Technologies
New Technologies (AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain)
Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and Blockchain are powerful technologies that can vastly increase the capabilities of computing systems. These technologies can dynamically learn, find patterns, adapt, predict and evolve without human interference.

 Privacy, Compliance, Governance, Risk & Management
Privacy, Compliance, Governance & Risk Management
Companies should look at cyber threats the way they look at other risks. Both GDPR and the NIS directive, but also an increasing awareness of privacy and security among customers, investors and other business partners, require investments in technical IT security solutions as well as governance.

Industrial Cyber Security
Industrial Cyber Security (IoT & Scada)
The convergence of software, data and connected devices - the Internet of Things - not only brings new opportunities but also security threats that require a layered defense approach to detect, respond and remediate at all levels.