With your participation in Infosecurity Denmark, Version2 Data & Cloud Expo you are part of the largest IT network in Denmark. Discover which (free) marketing tools we offer so that you can make full use of our and your network in the run-up to the fair. Turn your participation from a two-day exhibition to 365 days visibility!

As an exhibitor at Infosecurity Denmark, Version2 Data & Cloud Expo you have two login sites, MyExpo and BadgeResult.


MyExpo is where you set up your online campaign for Infosecurity Denmark. MyExpo enables you to efficiently generate online exposure and leads through content marketing before, during and after the event. Everyone who registers as a visitor, gets access to a personal exhibition page, MyExpo, where they can prepare their visit. They can be matched with your organization based on their needs and profile, they can read company profiles and download content (whitepapers, reference cases, business cases, etc.). Information and content which you as an exhibitor can make available for visitors through MyExpo. Learn more about MyExpo in the Exhibition Guide.


BadgeResult is where you can find your personal registration link, download banners, find you activation codes for the LeadScanner app and order entrance passes for exhibitors and stand building. Learn more about BadgeResult in the Exhibition Guide.

VIP Program

Free lunch in an exclusive VIP lounge and “reserved-seating” in the theatres. These ingredients are the perfect combination for every IT-professional who wants to make sure that their visit to Infosecurity Denmark and Version2 Data & Cloud will be a useful day. You, as an exhibitor, can make that happen! Your invitation will be appreciated which can lead to a better result of your exhibition participation.

What is the VIP Program?Your role in inviting visitors is essential. Research has shown that most visitors appreciate receiving an invitation directly from exhibitors. Invite your best clients and prospects and we will select the VIP profiles and give them a special VIP treatment. Participation in the VIP program is free of charge, it is part of your exhibition package.

What does your VIP receive?

  • A personal invitation
  • A special VIP-badge
  • Entrance to the VIP-lounge, where they can enjoy beverages and a free lunch during lunchtime
  • The best seats during seminars; the first rows in the theatres will be reserved for your VIP’s for up to 10 minutes before the start of the seminars
How does the VIP program work?

Step 1: Invite all your relations via your personal registration link from February 25 2020 until April 1 2020. Of course you can still invite relations after April 1 2020, however these relations cannot participate in the VIP program.
Step 2: On April 3 2020 you will receive a complete list of the VIP's we've selected based on the VIP criteria. You will have until April 14 2020 before 5 pm to check the selection and give us feedback.
Step 3: We will send your VIPs a personal VIP entrance badge out of your name.

Who are VIP’s?

The VIP program is aimed at IT professionals working in the role of end user / customer of the ICT solution (products and services).

Eligible: IT Manager, IT specialist, Security Officer, Storage Manager & IT administrator / administrator
Not eligible: Visitors with a profile as IT supplier or provider (IT manufacturer, -reseller or -distributor) are not eligible, as are visitors with a job position such as sales, marketing, teacher or student.
Do you have any questions regarding the VIP-program? Please contact us via myexpo@jaarbeurs.nl.