Webinar: Sticks and Stones, Breaking Bones: Millions of medical images are exposed online. Anyone can take a peek.
on 24 juni | 13:00 - 13:45
Dicom - Pacs and Medical Image Storage: Yes you can download xrays, yes you get CPR/ Social security numbers, and yes you can EDIT the images and upload / overwrite. And NO, it does not require any authentication (most of the time).

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Cyber Security, Hacking and Cyber Crime
Privacy, Compliance, Governance & Risk Management
Lucas Lundgren
Lucas Lundgren has a vast experience in IT security, with the "bad luck" (or tendency) to annoy companies by reporting vulnerabilities in their products. Lundgren started breaking things at the age of 12 and has reported numerous vulnerabilities in various products. Having worked with penetration testing professionally for over 12 years, Lundgren has held IT security positions within companies such as Sony Ericsson and IOActive. He has also been part of Corelan Team before moving on to FortConsult (Part of NCC Group). Lundgren has been breaking everything from OS vendors and financials, and he has spent a considerable amount of time inside "impenetrable fortresses." Lundgren is primarily focusing on penetration testing as well as fuzzing and exploit development.
Infosecurity Denmark/Version2 Datacenter