Demo: AI and IoT powered by the cloud: How can new tech boost your business?
to 1 oktober | 14:30 - 15:15
Sal/Theatre 4
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Internet of Things are here to stay and they will spark revolutions in the tech industry. In this session, Rodney Koolman shows you how he uses different AI and ML techniques with simple hardware. We are going to paint a new van Gogh and let drones solve Sudoku puzzles mid-air. All to show that you that you too can get started with these powerful techniques!
Cloud Computing
New Technologies (AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Quantum Computing)
Mr. Rodney Koolman
On-Premise consultant, Forsvarsministeriet (Holland)
Rodney Koolman has been working in IT for over fourteen years. Five years ago he founded Fundament X with the aim of developing new IoT solutions with AI and ML applications for customers. Rodney regularly shares his knowledge via Twitter and LinkedIn.
Infosecurity Denmark/Version2 Datacenter