5 Things You Need to Know to Future-Proof Your Data Security Today
on 30 september | 09:00 - 09:15
What cyber threats will your organisation face in the coming years? How can you protect your sensitive and business-critical data from malicious insiders, ransomware and targeted attacks, as well as human error? Discover 5 things that can help you orchestrate IT security with your data at its core, and get one step ahead of threats. In this presentation, you will learn the steps to build an intelligent roadmap for protecting your business and reduce the risk of data breaches by gaining better control over your IT environment.
Privacy, Compliance, Governance & Risk Management
Cloud Computing
Cyber Security, Hacking and Cyber Crime
Kennet Johansen
Data Security Expert, Netwrix
Kennet Johansen has more than two decades of experience in data security, risk management and compliance. As an expert in emerging technology issues and data security concerns, Kennet has helped both small businesses and enterprises protect their sensitive and business-critical information by elucidating their business requirements and implementing technology solutions that meet their expectations and KPIs.