Denmark is great at digitization, but what about cyber security?
on 30 september | 14:00 - 14:45
Denmark is one of the top countries in providing online services and digitizing its infrastructure. It tops the UN e-government survey for its online services linking the national and local governments. But where's the catch? Just like any other country, organisation or business developing and launching anything IT related, there is a shadow side to going fast. After performing penetrating testing and breaking into Danish companies for over 10 years, Tom Van de Wiele's session will focus on the root causes and trends seen today at Danish organisations and companies, what the most common risk factors are that lead to breaches and what can be done to try and mitigate them.

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Tom Van de Wiele - Principal Security Consultant
F-Secure Consulting
Tom Van de Wiele is Principal Cyber Security Consultant at F-Secure with nearly 20 years of experience in information security. He specializes in red team operations and targeted penetration testing for the financial, gaming and service industry. When not breaking into banks Tom acts as an adviser on topics such as critical infrastructure and IoT as well as incident response and cyber crime.