to 3 maj | 13:30 - 14:15
Theater 5/Sal 5

KEYNOTE: A vision for citizen's data in a nonviolent way: how to get control of our own data

Discipl is a vision in which society progresses towards a highly automated economy. To do that, the idea is to focus on a path to zero cost by using solutions that are free in usage, open source, highly automated and easily employable, a form of e-democracy. A step towards people being more in control of and possessing their own data, to a level where there's no need for central registers owned by third parties as we only need citizens as prosumers (both consumer and producer) that care for all needs to be fulfilled in a smart and nonviolent way.
IT Security Tech
Steven Gort, Data Whisperer / Datahvisker, ICTU
Born in 1968, originally educated as an Analytical Chemist, worked at the RIVM for 8 years since 1991. Switched into Oracle DBA consultancy for a couple of years and ended up as of early 2007 managing information architecture, products and services within Dutch Tax Administration Office. Left his management position in 2014 and started working for ICTU, a non-profit foundation within Dutch Government. Assigned Datawhisperer as his function and helped designing Discipl, a visionary approach of adopting decentralised technologies for a future society, where rule of law still can be applied without the generalised governance we're used to these days.