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Schneider Electric: The Edge - Proliferation Demands New Solutions

Schneider Electric: The Edge - Proliferation Demands New Solutions
Today, edge computing demands have dramatically increased to cover a variety of application driven needs, from reducing latency and managing devices in the Internet of Things, addressing data sovereignty regulations, to increasing speed of delivery of bandwidth-intensive content and supporting mobile telecom operations. As these applications proliferate, a broad range of solutions are required to meet these increasing demands - such as repeatable, localized solutions and larger compute capacities at the edge. In this session, Andrew Bradner, Vice President of Modular Data Centers for Schneider Electric, will focus on how implementing micro data centers of varying sizes at the edge can provide flexibility, additional capacity, ensure security, and increase speed in this dynamic environment.
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Udgivelsesdatoen: 20-10-2017
Filtype: pdf
Dokument: Whitepaper
Sprog: EN
Udgivet af: Schneider Electric

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